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Benchmarking BadWolf using IGUANA 2.0

Bachelor Thesis

Triple stores answer to SPARQL queries and play a central role in the management of RDF data as they are the backbone of a plethora of Linked-Data-driven applications. However, it is often unclear how triple stores perform for particular use cases. Reference benchmarking frameworks such as IGUANA allow to benchmark triple stores and achieve comparable results. With BadWolf, Google developed a store able to deal with queries in BQL, a language similar to SPARQL. The goal of this thesis is to develop a benchmark which allows to evaluate the performance of BadWolf on loads which can be expressed in an equivalent way in both SPARQL and BQL. The student is expected to (1) develop the benchmark, (2) execute the benchmark using IGUANA, (3) report his/her findings as to the pros and cons of BadWolf.

Data: http://iguana-benchmark.eu/, https://github.com/google/badwolf