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Distributing an in-memory triple store

Master Thesis

In the DICE group, we develop Tentris, one of the fastest triple stores currently availabe.

Tentris is an in-memory triple store, i.e. all indices and data are held in the RAM rather than on the disc. As RAM per Machine is limited, the way to load enourmous graphs is to distribute the data stored and implement Tentris Cluster.

The master thesis includes:

  • develop and implement a data distrubution strategy for bulk loading data into Tentris Cluster
  • develop and implement a query planner for answering queries in the cluster
  • develop and implement a communication protocoll to executed queries in the cluster
  • benchmarking the implementation regarding its loading time, query processing performance and scalability
  • compare with at least one other distributed triple store

Required skills:

  • knowledge of Semnatic Web Standards like SPARQL and RDF
  • good modern C++ coding skills (C++17/20)
  • experience with C++ template programming
  • some prior knowledge on distributed data bases might be helpful