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Sentence simplification

Bachelor Thesis

The goal of this thesis is the simplification of linguistically complex sentences. The task of extracting simple sentences from a complex input sentence is essentially the task of generating a particular subset of the possible sentences that a reader would assume to be true after reading the input.

Michael Heilman and Noah A. Smith published algorithms "Extracting simplified statements for factual question generation" to simplify sentences in: "In Proceedings of QG2010: The Third Workshop on Question Generation" 2010. The thesis includes the implementation of the algorithms of Heilman and Smith as well as the evaluation of the performance on at least one dataset.

Several already implemented approaches for knowledge extraction, for instance, FOX (github.com/dice-group/FOX) and Ocelot (github.com/dice-group/Ocelot) could help to fulfill the goal of this thesis.

René Speck