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Funded project (May 2021 - April 2024)

3DFed: Dynamic Data Distribution and Federation

About the project

Datasets for modern applications are commonly distributed and increasingly too large to fit into a single server. Current distributed solutions are designed for central storage or at best static data distribution, which can result in poor query performance. Modern end-user applications, however, require results within milliseconds. Thus, there is an increasing need for intelligent and efficient data distribution and federated query engines to deal with these large amounts of data.

In this project we aim to develop generic approaches for the automatic redistribution and federated querying of large distributed datasets to facilitate the development of high-performance distributed data storage solutions. The final output will be a set of W3C-standard-conformant tools that implement automatic data distribution, federated query planning and execution, dynamic data exchange mechanisms, data storage profiling (containing useful information/statistics about the underlying data) and data monitoring. Funding program: Eurostars

Funding program
Eurostars, Grant No. E114681


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