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GERBIL Knowledge Extraction Demo

About the demo

We present GERBIL, a general entity annotation system. GERBIL offers an easy-to-use web-based platform for the agile comparison of annotators using multiple datasets and uniform measuring approaches. GERBIL supports two setups. The user can use one of the already integrated annotators or add one himself. To add a tool to GERBIL, all the end user has to do is to provide a URL to a REST interface to its tool which abides by a given specification. More information about that can be found on our GitHub wiki. The integration and benchmarking of the tool against user-specified datasets is then carried out automatically by the GERBIL platform. Currently, our platform provides results for 20 annotators and 44 datasets with more coming. Additionally, our platform provides 10 experiment types, including Entity Recognition, Entity Disambiguation, and Relation Extraction. Internally, GERBIL is based on the Natural Language Programming Interchange Format (NIF) and provide Java classes for implementing APIs for datasets and annotators to NIF.

Michael Röder