Student assistant position: Java developer in benchmarking projects

We are looking for several student research assistants to help us with the further improvement of our two benchmarking platforms. The positions are integrated into the Data Analysis team, which has benchmarking as one of its areas of expertise.

Tasks and Insights

We have two benchmarking platforms which have already been used for more than 150 thousand experiments by our community.

    • Papers describing the platform can be found on the linked project page.
    • It is currently used to benchmark systems in the area of Knowledge Extraction, Question Answering and Knowledge Base Curation.
    • It has been written in Java using Maven.
    • Vision:
      • A short-term goal is to integrate Relation Extraction and maybe some other tasks
      • The long-term goal is to transform it into a the "lightweight" benchmarking platform which can be easily extended for benchmarking other tasks.
    • It is the larger platform, which is used to benchmark distributed systems (including big data solutions)
    • It is based on Docker containers and the main code is written in Java as Maven projects.
    • Vision:
      • Originally, it has been build for Docker and Docker Swarm. Since Docker Swarm is discontinued, it should be moved to Kubernetes.
      • The development of new benchmarks and system adapters should be eased.


  • Students in Bachelor and Master can apply.
  • In addition to good Java knowledge, you should be motivated to deepen your programming skills and to work out solutions to problems independently.
  • Students with prior knowledge about the following topics might be preferred (but these points are no prerequesites):
    • Maven
    • Pattern oriented programming
    • RDF
    • Docker, Kubernetes (optional)

We offer

  • Work contracts with either 9.5 or 19 hours per week.
  • The experience to work on larger development projects.
  • An experienced development team.
  • An air-conditioned workplace 🌣 ❄
  • A working culture which is open to new ideas 💡 and interested in discussing solutions. 🗩 🗨
  • Work with technologies like RDF, Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Bachelor and Master thesis topics can be defined related to one of these platforms.

For further information please contact Michael Röder. For applications, please follow the workflow described on the vacancies page.