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COVID19DS Dataset Version 4

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The Dice research group are happy to present version 4 of our Covid-19-related research publication dataset, dubbed COVID-19-DS. Our new version includes the following updates and new features:

  • We added to our dataset all the newly added resources in the last releases of the CORD-19.
  • Compared to the previous version, the dataset increased by 33%.
  • The data is represented in one archive and it is no longer divided by three parts (commercial, non-commercial, custom license), as in the original data from the CORD-19.
  • Bib entries were linked with papers using cvdo:hasPublication.
  • Our publications were linked to MAKG Publications using owl:sameAs.
  • The number of links increased respectively to other changes that had been applied (i.e., 400K+ more links).
  • The ontology was expanded (see the UML class diagram of the Covid-19-DS Ontology below).

The following tables show the statistics between two versions (previous and current one):

The statistics of our publication dataset

Version_3Version _4Difference
Distinct number of over all resources11,249,74015,761,5374,511,797
Distinct number of publications40,22458,73918,515
Distinct number of authors1,434,8091,484,02449,215
Distinct number of bib entries1,482,2572,022,147539,890
Distinct number of bib figures333,509461,386127,877
Distinct number of bib tables158,896251,97093,074

External datasets linking statistics

Distinct number of overall links989,8434,799,8833,810,040
Distinct number of links to Cord19-NEKGowl:sameAs31,26158,73927,478
Distinct number of links to LitCovidowl:sameAs31,26153,43222,171
Distinct number of links to Covid-19-Literatureowl:sameAs31,26158,73927,478
Distinct number of links to Covid19-pubannotationowl:sameAs31,26158,73927,478
Distinct number of links to Cord-19-on-FHIRowl:sameAs31,26158,73927,478
Distinct number of links to Cord-19-on-FHIRrdfs:seeAlso31,26158,73927,478
Distinct number of links of bib entries with paperscvdo:hasPublication0146,382146,382
Distinct number of links to MAKG Authorsowl:sameAs9,34523,47214,127
Distinct number of links to MAKG Publicationsowl:sameAs082,21182,211
Distinct number of links to KEGGitsrdf:taIdentRef593,2722,785,6552,192,383
Distinct number of links to Sideritsrdf:taIdentRef120,652786,215665,563
Distinct number of links to DrugBankitsrdf:taIdentRef79,008628,821549,813