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Data Science Suite III

Project Group Master


The Data Science Suite PG aims at covering the linked data lifecycle from gathering (e.g., crawling) data, over extracting structured information, indexing and storing the structured data as well as cleaning and checking the data before presenting it to the user in an interactive way. Since the PG covers several fields, we offer several sub topics which are covered by smaller groups.

Since Data Science Suite II is aiming in the same direction, the students of these two PGs will work very closely together. This offers the possibility to join a team in which students already have several months experience.

In the following, the single subgroups that we plan to offer during the next semester are listed as well as the evaluation criterias for participating students (Note that both is not final and might be subject to change).

Course in PAUL

L.079.07023 Project Group: Data Science Suite (in English)


Michael Röder