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Project Group Master

Lemming is a system for mimicking real-world knowledge graphs. More information about the system can be found in the IEEE ICSC paper. The code base can be found on github.

The goal of the PG is twofold. The major goal is to improve the runtime of Lemming by a) improving the generation process and get rid of unnecessary complexities and b) making use of parallelization wherever possible. Apart from that, the project offers a lot of possibilities to be further extended. Both together give a nice frame for a project group as it offers both: complex tasks that can be tackled together but also smaller tasks that can be carried out in small teams or even single persons. This gives a good opportunity to apply agile project management strategies and gather experiences in working as a team in different setups.

Project presentation

The topic is briefly explained in the slides that have been used during the presentation of the project groups on February 15th.

Question & Answer Session

Q: Will there be prior assignments? What would these assignments look like?
A: Yes, there will be assignments to ensure that participants are able to program in Java. To this end, the assignments will be simple Java programming tasks.

Q: Is there a seminar connected to this PG?
A: No.

Q: What are the prerequisites for this PG?
A: You should be able to program in Java. Knowledge about RDF, knowledge graphs and/or graph theory are beneficial. If you don't know these things you will have to study it at the beginning of the PG. Unfortunately, there won't be the time to give an introduction into these topics.

In case you have further questions, feel free to contact Michael Röder.

Course in PAUL

L.079.07006 Project Group: LEMMING: an example mimicking graph generator (in English)