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Recent advances in Data Science

Seminar Master


More than 2 quintillion bytes of data are produced every day. With this flood of data come novel opportunity for the creation of intelligent applications and agents able to support humans in complex processes. Data Science is a research field at the intersection of traditional research fields including artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and statistics. Its main goal is to support the gathering of insights from heterogeneous data sources through the automated preprocessing, analysis, integration, fusion and visualisation of their content. Popular applications include personal assistants (Siri, Google Home, Cortana, etc.), game engines, Industry 4.0 and many more. In this seminar, students will study novel research results from Data Science and adjacent fields with the aim of deepening their knowledge of the field. A beneficial side-effect will be a deepening of the students’ expertise in scientific writing.


The course consists of single sessions which will introduce the students to topics related to Data Science, scientific writing, and scientific presentations. Each student will be assigned a paper to read and present within the first two sessions.


The students’ performance will be evaluated as follows:

Scientific Presentation (33%): Every student will present the paper they were assigned/selected for presentation within a mini-conference format with allocated time slots. The attendance to the mini-conference is mandatory.

Final Report (67%): The students will submit a report (20 pages, written using the provided LaTeX template) on current research in the area of their paper containing a formal presentation of the problem, an explanation of related works, existing methodologies along with a discussion about their pros and cons.

Course in PAUL

L.079.08002 Seminar: Recent advances in Data Science (in English)