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Implementing a Mobile Triples Store / Porting Tentris to Android/iOS

Bachelor Thesis

In the DICE group, we develop Tentris, one of the fastest triple stores currently available.

While triple stores are well established on desktop and server platforms, there are no production-ready triple stores available on mobile platforms.

The objective of this thesis is to port Tentris to Android and/or iOS and evaluate its performance on ARM-based systems if possible against other triple stores.

The bachelor thesis includes:

  • porting the tentris code to compile for Android and/or iOS
  • write a simple wrapper app that allows us to load data, run a list of queries for benchmarking and run single queries.
  • evaluate the loading performance, memory usage, and query performance (via the app).

Required skills:

  • Knowledge of Semantic Web Standards like SPARQL and RDF
  • Good modern C++ coding skills (C++17/20)
  • Experience with App development for Android and/or iOS
  • Experience with the C++ Memory model
  • Some experience with C++ template programming is helpful